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Broken is beautiful.  Abandoned is an opportunity for redemption.  Explore secret spaces.  Find yourself in what was there before you. 


I often wonder, as I look at those around me and watch them crumble as life presses down upon them, why I have not followed their path.  I have had to overcome many things and seen individuals falter for lesser circumstances.  It never really made sense to me why I have not yet been committed (to an asylum), until the last year or so.  I make art about age and abandonment and systems that started out great, but failed over time.  I make art about redemption and consideration of what is ignored and observation.  I make art about the appreciation of rebirth.  I know now, why I am not in a padded cell.  One of my favorite instructors recently said to me, "Artists swim in the waters that schizophrenics drown in."  It all makes sense.  The suffering is my fuel.  Without it, I would have little to no drive for creation.  I need to pain and the obstacles to create something beautiful.  Not necessarily for the world to see, but to show myself that what is broken still has value.