The proud Bria Sandifer

Last shoot without lights.  Still turned out brilliantly though.  Negative scans to come.  Thanks to Bria for being so brave and wading into the icy cold river.  


Shoot 2

Due to time constraints, no social media imagery was posted for shoot 2.  Special thanks though, to Tiffany Lentz for taking time out of her busy schedule to make time to model for me.  She made it into the top 6 large prints for her awesome blue mohawk!  This is a negative scan (more on that later).  With this shoot I learned that whole shoots can overprocess based on a bad film batch and to shoot stock from multiple batches for the same shoot.  Most of Tiffany's images (final positive Polaroid prints) continued processing after the shoot and became so dark that the positive prints were unusable.  So, her images will live in the digitized negative scans.  

Results of the Maiden Voyage:

Today I learned that the further out the bellows are extended, the closer I can get to my subject.  Bellows are not zoom.  They are macro.  Also, I learned my tripod (or tripod head) is not meant to mount a 4X5 Field camera to.  Consequently, I need to be much more careful about framing my subject.  Because when I frame with the bellows fully extended and then change from the focus back to the polaroid back, the entire camera sags down from physical weight.  Also, there is no mobile app that will give proper exposure readings with bellows compensation.  So, proper exposure is pretty much a guess based on personal experience.  This is exacerbated by the fact that there are no markers for Aperture on the lens, with my only certainty being that the max aperture is f/4.  Joelle did well for this though, and I am grateful she stopped over to the mall for my lunch break in order to allow me to photograph her.  :)